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The SALA Group

The SALA Group of companies
General Manager
Brisbane, Queensland
Oct 2002 - Feb 2009


Overall responsibility for the inception, development and business operations for The SALA Group of companies, including The Green, SALA Homes and Habitat Hardware

The Group designed, manufactured and erected kit homes throughout Australia. It also developed and operated an award winning manufactured home park in Brisbane,  Australia and sold energy and water efficient hardware online to the individual homeowners. The video, below, gives a good overview of the type of work I was involved with.

  • Developed and oversaw annual budgets for all areas of the business.
  • Established and maintained a reporting regime across each department – incorporating the Databuild business management system.
  • Established and achieved short- and long-term business goals in accordance with the business plan and strategic objectives of the businesses.
  • Oversaw the establishment and maintenance of the sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing and administration processes and systems.
  • Implemented and maintained auditing procedures to ensure adherence to production, quality and administration procedures
  • Represented the business on government, industry and community advisory boards and committees. See below for details.
  • Negotiated and managed key supply agreements with contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with key customers, suppliers, industry bodies and government departments
  • Provided input into building design, product selection and production processes.
  • Following Lean manufacturing principles developed and promoted the maintenance of sustainable business practices resulting in efficiency and profitability gains.


Drawing on previous systems-related experience I was able to develop processes to monitor, report, and analyze supply chain, manufacturing and sales data. This helped the company to evolve into a fast growing and highly profitable kit home manufacturer and property manager.


Both the business and myself received a number of awards. Details of these can be found here.

 Industry Roles

  • Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Enivrodevelopment Board Member
  • Australian Green Development Forum Board Member
  • Australian Government – ‘Your Home’ advisory board
  • Australian Government – ‘Your Development’ advisory board
  • HIA (QLD)/Queensland EPA GreenSmart advisory panel
  • Queensland EPA Sustainable development advisory panel
  • Queensland Department of Housing Smart Housing advisory panel
  • University of Queensland Business School – Guest Lecturer – Corporate Sustainability (See below)

  • Queensland University of Technology – School of Architecture – guest lecturer - Understanding Sustainable Development
  • Queensland Leaders professional development program