"My passion is uncovering and implementing simple, cost effective systems and processes that improve business sustainability and profitability."

       Competencies and Skills

Competency Review

In order to succeed I believe that I need to manage myself, just as I manage a business. The product (skills and knowledge) that I offer my customer (my employer) should be continually reviewed and developed.

As a part of my 'self-management' process I undertake an bi-annual competency review, surveying
a broad range of senior and junior colleagues and customers to identify my areas of strength and weakness.

My most recent
 survey rated me highly in most categories, however, my distinguishing comp
etencies were:
  • Displaying honesty and integrity
  • Practicing self-development
  • Developing a strategic perspective
  • Building relationships, and
  • Being a champion of change

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For the coming two years my focus is on the improvement of my ability to inspire and motivate others through improved communication and leadership.

Full details of my competency review are available here.

Skills and Knowledge

I work hard to share my knowledge and develop the skills of my staff and managers. In return they help me to develop my own knowledge and skills.

Some of the skills that I am able to contribute to the businesses in which I work, and the people in those businesses include:
  • Superior business system development skills, including the ability to implement these systems and manage the resulting organizational changes.
  • Exceptional relationship development and management skills which are emphasised by my low staff turnover rates and high customer satisfaction rates.
  • Strong strategic planning and management skills.
  • Proven ability to market and sell the products provided by the businesses in which I am employed.
  • Capable of managing multiple projects to completion within time and budget constraints.
  • Proven track record negotiating supply and sales agreements.
  • Strong budgeting and financial management skills.
  • Outstanding presentation development and delivery skills.
  • Long history of leveraging commonly used business systems, including:
    • The Microsoft suite of products
      • Excel - Advanced
      • Word - Advanced
      • Access - Intermediate
      • Outlook - Advanced
      • Project - Advanced
      • Powerpoint - Advanced
      • Visual Basic (macros for automating regularly performed tasks) - Intermediate
      • Sharepoint - Intermediate
    • Accounting/Finance systems (Xero, WorkflowMax, MYOB, Quickbooks, INFOR, Fishbowl) - Advanced
    • Google G-suiute - Advanced